All-on-Four in Vancouver, WA

 All-on-Four in Vancouver

A Durable, Convenient Way to Rebuild Your Mouth!

If you have several missing teeth, you may be under the impression that your only real option is dentures. However, you should be excited to learn that another procedure, All-on-4, allows you to replace an entire row (or both rows) of teeth. Whereas dentures are meant to be removed at night, All-on-4 is a permanent, secure solution that remains in your mouth. After a little while, you may even forget that they aren’t your real teeth!

True to its name, All-on-4 uses just four dental implants to connect an entire row of artificial teeth to your jawbone. Dr. Julie Jang is excited to offer this modern solution to her patients who have lost many teeth to injury or severe decay. 

Why Patients Love All-on-4

If you are looking for a great way to restore a full set of teeth in your mouth, you may enjoy All-on-4 for several reasons: 

  • Beautiful smile: Your new teeth are created based on your input: you may choose the size and shade of your teeth for your ideal smile.
  • Improved functionality: With a full set of teeth, you can chew and speak more easily than you have in years.
All-on-Four options in Vancouver
  • Affordability: Since replacing each tooth with a dental implant can be prohibitively expensive, using just four implants is a way to reap the benefit of implants without having to pay for dozens individually. 
  • Natural appearance: Prosthetic teeth look more realistic than ever!
  • Stability: Because All-on-4 is surgically attached to your jawbone, your teeth are not at risk of slipping around in your mouth like dentures. 
  • Easy to maintain: Your teeth are easy to take care of. To keep them clean, simply brush and floss them like you would any of your other teeth. 
  • Jawbone preservation: Implants help to stimulate your jawbone just like real tooth roots. By using implants, you can help to keep your jawbone strong and help prevent a sunken look that can develop due to jawbone erosion. 
  • Confidence boost: With a full set of teeth, you will feel more like yourself and not withdraw yourself from social situations. 

How Does All-on-4 Work?

All-on-4 is typically completed in a few stages. After confirming that you are a good candidate for All-on-4, Dr. Julie uses digital scanning technology to capture detailed images of your mouth. These images are sent to a laboratory that creates a custom set of prosthetic teeth, thus ensuring that they fit perfectly.

Once your new teeth are ready, you can return to Harmony Family Dentistry. Dr. Julie begins by numbing your mouth to keep you comfortable during the procedure. She extracts any remaining unhealthy teeth to make way for your new teeth. She then surgically attaches four titanium posts to your mouth, which will hold your row of teeth.

It takes a few months for your posts to meld with your jawbone so that they are strong enough to hold your new teeth. (In the meantime, you will have lightweight temporary teeth.) Once your implants are secure, Dr. Julie attaches your permanent set of teeth to these four posts. 

Meet with Washington’s Top Reconstructive and Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Julie has trained extensively in dental reconstruction and has a firm understanding of how to create a smile you will love. To learn more about All-on-4 and devise a plan for transforming your mouth, please call Harmony Family Dentistry at (360) 882-7866.