I’m Dr. Julie and I’d like to personally invite you to explore what makes our practice unique and special.

Meet The Team


Harmony Family Dentistry is a locally owned dental office in Vancouver, Washington led by Dr. Julie Jang DS and her team. At Harmony Family Dentistry, we strive to look at each patient’s specific needs to achieve a healthy and rejuvenating smile. Treatment plans are specially customized to complement the patient and their lifestyle.

While we aim to create a beautiful smile, we recognize that proper dental care can enhance one’s quality of life. Before all else, we focus on creating a comfortable and safe environment where we can build patient relationships. We want to not only want to meet your dental needs, but welcome you to be a part of our family.



Dr. Julie was born and raised in Korea, she relocated to the United States to pursue her love of dentistry and received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in 2002 from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry, all while maintaining an outstanding four-year merit scholarship. After graduation she then went on to work as a full-time academic professor for four years at this prestigious dental school before transitioning to clinical private practice for over two decades. Dr. Julie moved from Michigan to Vancouver, WA in 2008 with her husband and two children.

Dr. Julie strives to continue her education and experience in the dental field. She works very hard to associate herself with the best organizations. She is actively involved in the exclusive Seattle Study Club, a group of specialists and general dentists organized to receive advanced training in leading edge clinical procedures and the newest emerging dental technologies. She is also a member of the Clark County Dental Society, the Washington State Dental Association, and the American Dental Association. On top of almost 20 years of working in the dental field, She has also expanded her practice and education into the study and care of sleep apnea. Dr. Julie is an active member of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine (ABSDM) and a diplomat of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Julie is a recent graduate of The Kois Center and Bioclear. Kois Center certification has provided Doctors with advanced education in esthetics, implants and restorative dentistry. Dr. Julie’s goal is to improve the lives of our patients by providing you with predictable, evidence-based dental systems that enable her to deliver the highest level of patient care. She is certified in Advanced Anterior and Posterior restorations. Bioclear Matrix Method is a metamorphosis in the dental industry offering more affordable options with superior results. This method provides longer lasting, stronger, and aesthetically superior composites.

Dr. Julie also understands the connections between overall health and happiness, including the connection between looking good and feeling good. Dr. Julie has become an associate with the conservative full mouth rejuvenation company BioClear, where she earned her Core Anterior and Core Posterior Certifications. focusing on dental restorations, by bringing a new dimension to aesthetics and function with cutting edge procedural advances. Dr. Julie excitedly offers her patients the ability to get the smile they have always dreamed of.

A local transplant for over a decade, Dr. Julie and her family continue to enjoy the many outdoor activities this unique area has to offer. Outside of her work and focus on dental health and care, Dr. Julie also likes to focus on her overall health and fitness. She is an active runner, who completed her first full marathon last year after having completed multiple half marathons in the years previous. She likes to be involved in the local running community and was even a sponsor for a Hood to Coast charity team.

Dr. Julie has a continuous drive to expand her knowledge and ability to help people, she strives to be the best resource that she can for her local community. She continues to look for ways to improve the health and happiness of her patients and bring the latest changes and advances in dental technology to the Vancouver area.

Dr. Julie is enrolled at the world-renowned Kois Center and believes that investing in knowledge and exceptional team members creates a superior dental experience. From implant restorations and implant-retained dentures to custom-crafted treatment plans and Trial Smile, Harmony Family Dentistry’s expert team is ready to care for you like family.


Jen has worked as an assistant since 2012. She studied at Clark County Skills Dental Assisting Center, completing her studies with a 4.0 GPA.


Tonja has been a dental hygienist since 2015. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Eastern Washington University