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If you’ve come to accept X-rays and teeth molds as a necessary evil of dental care, it’s time you visit a state-of-the-art dental office. As part of our commitment to provide our patients with the latest options, Harmony Family Dentistry is pleased to use the iTero digital scanner. iTero allows Dr. Julie Jang to quickly and easily capture the most accurate 3D images of your teeth and gums without the radiation emitted by X-rays or the messiness and gross taste of powdery molds.

Benefits of Digital Scanning

  • Accuracy: The images that iTero collects are superior to those produced by conventional imaging methods as well as other digital scanners. This allows for better and more precise treatment.
  • Comfort: Patients agree that iTero is by far the most comfortable way to capture images.
  • Safety: Because iTero is radiation free, it is safe for all patients, including children and pregnant women.
  • Speed: iTero can produce images of your entire mouth within a few minutes, shortening the overall time of your appointment.
  • Projection: In addition to showing how your teeth currently are, the software allows Dr. Julie to show images of the changes that a specific treatment can achieve for your teeth in the future.

Treatments That Utilize iTero

iTero is useful in a variety of reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry treatments. By having supremely accurate models of your teeth, a laboratory can create custom-fit crowns, dental implants, veneers, nightguards/mouthguards, etc. It is especially popular with prospective Invisalign patients since it not only creates superior aligners but also demonstrates the kind of results you can expect from Invisalign before making a final decision.

The advanced capabilities of the iTero digital scanner also permit Dr. Julie to track the health of your teeth and gums over time — even creating time lapse images of enamel erosion and receding gums. Furthermore, she can closely examine potential cavities to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Digital Scanner iTero Vancouver

The iTero Scanning Process

Dr. Julie gently guides a tiny handpiece pointed at your teeth and gums. Because it is smaller than previous digital scanners, iTero can capture even more difficult-to-reach areas like the molars (back teeth). The handpiece uses a laser to gather imaging data as it moves, sending this information to a nearby machine to create images. If 3D models are necessary for a treatment, Dr. Julie can send the info to a laboratory that can generate the physical model.

With iTero, Receive Beautiful Crowns in One Day

Among its many benefits, iTero allows Dr. Julie to produce same-day crowns. iTero takes a digital scan of the teeth, essentially replacing the impression gel that is typically used to create models of the teeth.

Many dental procedures require a diagnostic model of the teeth, but standard impressions involve the use of a thick gel or material inside a tray that is placed onto the teeth. The patient bites into the tray, allowing the material to harden around their teeth, which creates the impression. Many patients are bothered by the taste and texture of the impression material and the feel of the trays in the mouth, which can sometimes trigger the gag reflex. These concerns are eliminated with the use of iTero. Digital scans allow for a more comfortable experience and facilitate quicker treatment.

Accurate digital scans can be created within only a few minutes, and Dr. Julie uses these scans to create your crowns while you are still in the office. With iTero, the entire process for same-day crowns takes only a few hours, as opposed to standard crowns, which can take weeks to create. This advanced technology makes getting crowns efficient and stress free.

Why You Should Visit Harmony Family Dentistry

Harmony Family Dentistry wants you to have the best possible care and comfort while undergoing your dental procedures. When we invest in the latest amazing technology like iTero, we are also investing in the well-being of our patients. If you have been visiting a dentistry practice that is still using equipment from previous decades, come see why Dr. Julie earns rave reviews from her patients for her friendliness, knowledge, and professionalism. To make an appointment at Harmony Family Dentistry in Vancouver, WA, please call 360-882-7866 today.