How to Set Up a Sleep Appliance Appointment

Want to set up a sleep appliance appointment with us?

We want to make this process as simple as possible. Follow the guide below then print, sign and send in a copy of all the documents listed at the bottom of the page. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out at 360-882-7866! You are moments away from having a better nights sleep.

**Please bring your RX and sleep study report from your medical doctor as well as the consent forms found below.

Step 1- Schedule an Appointment

Call or email us to make an appointment for your consultation.

360-882-7866 || [email protected] 

Step 2- Once You Arrive

At your consultation, we will talk to you about the benefits of treatment, the potential side effects and the cost of therapy.

Then we will conduct a Complete Clinical Evaluation. This will include an examination of your teeth, jaw, tongue and airway, and possibly a new X-ray of your mouth.

After your clinical evaluation, we will custom make a model of your teeth by using digital impression. The impression will be sent to a FDA registered and approved dental laboratory in the U.S.

Step 3- Appliance Fitting

Once your oral appliance is ready, you will return to our office for a fittingThe appliance will be adjusted to maximize its comfort and effectiveness. You will also learn how to clean and maintain the oral appliance.

Step 4- Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments will be made at 2 weeks, 4 weeks, and again at 90 days for adjustments to ensure the optimal fit of the oral appliance. An assessment of your treatment will be conducted to ensure success.

Step 5- Annual Check-Ups

We would like to schedule annual check ups for your on-going treatment.

Consultation + Full Exam + Fabrication + 90 days adjustment

All included. No additional fee.

Please print, fill out and return papers below to our office for our records. Thank you for choosing Harmony Family Dentistry!