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Due to a medical condition, Randy underwent treatment that resulted in the loss of his tooth structure and bite alignment. He sought a solution that would preserve as much of his natural tooth structure as possible. Bioclear successfully restored his bite and rebuilt the original length of his teeth. Today, Randy is very active, enjoys his smile, and has improved chewing function.


Yun, a 70-year-old patient, experienced significant tooth structure loss over the years. She opted for Bioclear instead of crowns to maintain her natural teeth. Bioclear successfully restored and protected her tooth structure, making her look more than 10 years younger. This treatment added back the lost tooth structure and ensured the preservation of her remaining teeth.


Kelly sought to repair her broken restoration, which had been failing every year. By using Bioclear to restore her two front teeth, covering the root and reshaping them to match her smile, she now smiles more confidently and frequently.


Josh repeatedly broke the fillings in his front teeth and noticed they were becoming shorter. After undergoing Bioclear treatment, his teeth were restored to their original length, giving him a more youthful appearance. Since the treatment, he hasn’t experienced any further breakage.


June noticed her teeth were getting shorter each year. After undergoing Bioclear treatment, her youthful smile has been restored.


Following gum surgery, Stacy had gaps between her teeth at the gum line, known as black triangles. Bioclear closed these gaps and enhanced the color of her teeth.


Chessa dreamed of a flawless smile for her wedding day, but was unhappy with the crowding in her lower teeth. With just five months of Invisalign treatment, she transformed her smile into the perfect accessory for her big day.


Karen chose Invisalign to improve gum health and achieve a better bite. Following her Invisalign treatment, she underwent Bioclear restorations to enhance the appearance of her two smaller teeth.


Bianca opted for Invisalign to improve her gum health, correct her bite, and eliminate gaps between her teeth for a healthier smile.


Adam chose Invisalign to address some alignment issues. Now, with a beautifully aligned smile and no gaps, he feels more confident than ever.

Patient before and after photos of crown replacement - Harmony Family Dentistry in Vancouver WA
Patients teeth with before and after crown replacement - Harmony Family Dentistry in Vancouver WA

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