What is BioClear?

The Bioclear Method is an innovative way for dentists to provide their patients with beautiful smiles that last. The process utilizes ultra-thin tooth shaped forms, which have been specially designed to rebuild damaged teeth more effectively than ever before by creating lifelike curves and angles in thick flat matrices systems without sacrificing cosmetic results or stability.

This revolutionary procedure offers a significant departure from traditional techniques used during dental restorations procedures such as fabricating (making) false porcelain crowns. In short, Bioclear is a more conservative option it preserves tooth structure and requires minimum tooth preparation, can be a great alternative to crowns and veneers. Dr. Julie Jang is proud to offer the Bioclear method to patients in Vancouver, WA and surrounding cities.

How Does Bioclear work to repair teeth?‍

The Bioclear Method is a popular way to create custom dental treatments. The process involves wrapping tooth matrices around each of your teeth, then using them as templates in order for the dentist to mold warm composite around each individualized form before finally completing their work with an injection-molding machine!

This is a great option for those who want their teeth to look good and be easier on the wallet. In some cases, porcelain crowns can’t really get repaired at all if they chip—you must replace it completely! Bioclear uses dental composite which means that this treatment will never damage your tooth enamel like other materials might do so there's no need worry about paying more than necessary just because of repair costs later down the line.

Bioclear Steps

BioClear restorations can be completed in one appointment at our Vancouver, WA dental office. Here are the steps when receiving Bioclear treatment:

Step 1. We'll help you achieve the smile of your dreams with a shade that will enhance what's already there! Most patients choose to whiten their teeth prior to this visit, and we're happy for them because it can make all those little imperfections less noticeable.

Step 2. The dentist will use a mild abrasive to ensure that the filling material bonds properly with your teeth.

Step 3. After you receive a tooth shaped matrix, the dentist will apply it around each of your teeth. The matrices act like funnels for warm colored filling material which flows gently over them to fill any gaps in between!

Step 4. When the dental team has finished, your teeth will be shaped and polished to perfection. You'll feel incredibly glossy with a smooth finish on every tooth!

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