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Harmony Family Dentistry
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About Harmony Family Dentistry

Harmony Family Dentistry is a locally owned dental office in Vancouver, Washington led by Dr. Julie Jang,DDS and her team. At Harmony Family Dentistry, we strive to look at each patient’s specific needs to achieve a healthy and rejuvenating smile. Treatment plans are specially customized to complement the patient and their lifestyle.

While we aim to create a beautiful smile, we recognize that proper dental care can enhance one’s quality of life. Before all else, we focus on creating a comfortable and safe environment where we can build patient relationships. We want to not only want to meet your dental needs, but welcome you to be a part of our family.

Dr. Julie Jang, DDS

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Julie Jang was born and raised in Korea, she relocated to the United States to pursue her love of dentistry and received her Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree in 2002 from the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry, all while maintaining an outstanding four-year merit scholarship. After graduation she then went on to work as a full-time academic professor for four years at this prestigious dental school before transitioning to clinical private practice for over two decades. Dr. Julie Jang moved from Michigan to Vancouver, WA in 2008 with her husband and two children.

Dr. Julie Jang is enrolled at the world-renowned Kois Center and believes that investing in knowledge and exceptional team members creates a superior dental experience. From implant restorations and implant-retained dentures to custom-crafted treatment plans and Trial Smile, Harmony Family Dentistry’s expert team is ready to care for you like family.

Meet the Team


Registered Denal Hygienist (RDH)

Tonja is a dental hygienist who graduated from Clark College in 2015. She then graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Eastern Washington University in 2017. She enjoys being a part of a dental team that is always striving for excellence and making advancements in the dental field.

Outside the office, Tonja enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and pets. She has many hobbies including snowmobiling, hiking, crafting, and playing instruments. Tonja balances her dental career and personal life with grace, showcasing a passion for dentistry and a zest for living fully.


Office Manager, Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

Meet Angie, a highly experienced Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) and office manager with over 30 years of dedication in the dental field. Angie’s career is marked by her commitment to providing exceptional patient care and ensuring the smooth operation of dental practices. Her extensive knowledge and expertise have made her an invaluable asset in the industry, consistently contributing to the health and well-being of countless patients.

Beyond her professional achievements, Angie is a devoted mother of three and a proud grandmother of seven. Her family is the cornerstone of her life, bringing joy and fulfillment to her everyday experiences.

In her leisure time, Angie enjoys spending quality moments with her chickens and ducks. Her love for animals extends beyond her backyard, reflecting her nurturing and compassionate nature. Whether she is tending to her feathered friends or enjoying the company of other animals, Angie finds peace and happiness in their presence.

Angie embodies a perfect blend of professional excellence and personal warmth, making her not only a respected dental professional but also a beloved member of her community. Her dedication to her career, family, and hobbies showcases a life well-lived, filled with passion and purpose.


Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

Chessa is a dedicated Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) with two years of experience in the field, all of which she’s spent at Harmony Family Dentistry. She finds joy in helping patients and being a part of a dynamic team that values learning and progression in the dental field. When she’s not assisting chairside, she cherishes spending quality time with her family and her beloved dog, Skeeter. Cooking is one of her passions, and she often explores new recipes in her kitchen.

Chessa also enjoys the tranquility of the outdoors, frequently taking hikes or simply relishing nature’s beauty. Additionally, she indulges her creative side through crafting, finding joy in creating handmade pieces. Chessa’s commitment to her profession is evident in her dedication to providing excellent care to patients and contributing to the growth and success of her dental practice.


Registered Dental Assistant (RDA)

Ammy is a dedicated Registered Dental Assistant with three years of experience in the field. Beyond her professional life, she thrives on her diverse interests. In her spare time, she indulges her passion for car detailing, finding satisfaction when maintaining her vehicle. Known for her knack for organization and cleanliness, she often finds joy in tidying up and creating harmonious spaces.

The gym is her sanctuary, where she channels her energy and commitment into staying fit and healthy. As a true foodie, she eagerly explores culinary delights, always on the lookout for new tastes and experiences. Ammy’s life is a vibrant blend of professional excellence and personal passions.

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